Apalachicola Riverfront Film Festival celebrates it’s second festival Saturday, October 10th 2015 at home on Riverfront Park downtown Apalachicola. This year is sure to be as entertaining as the first event with more fantastic films, breathtaking ambiance, delicious food, great friends and an all-around fun time at the movies! Once again this outdoor event will feature a vast genre of short films. This year we have collaborated with Telluride Mountain Film Festival showcasing five of their exceptional films. Also featured are local Tallahassee and Blountstown filmmakers, more extraordinary college-level student films, international shorts, music videos with original music, documentaries, comedies, dramas and much more!

Exciting new additions are being added to the film festival with hopes of making your experience even more enjoyable, while keeping the same vibe as before with the tent, seating areas and screen: Upon entering the festival through a ticketed entrance, attendees meander through a chic white 40x40 tent containing locally prepared cuisine, desserts, wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase. An elegant and inviting atmosphere including chandeliers and a lounge area with linen covered bistro tables for dining and socializing complete with floral and candle decorations sets the mood for this upscale film festival. Attendees enter onto the grass where the décor flows from the tent onto the lawn and soft lighting lines the park. The outdoor festival ambiance is inviting for all film viewers. The park is reserved for attendees with lawn chairs and blankets, along with VIP sponsor sections. A 40ft screen positioned at the south end of the park provides an optimal viewing experience. Festival goers are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets to ensure a comfortable experience on this fall evening. The gate opens at 6 pm. Show begins at 7:30pm and ending around 10pm. Please, no coolers.

With the support from our Florida region and beyond, our new film festival is being launched with a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm. This annual production has the potential to become a prominent event in the Southeast for years to come. This is an opportunity to host a prestigious celebration that brings culture, education and enjoyment to a community while utilizing an incredible backdrop provided by nature.

Apalachicola Riverfront Film Festival

Join us for a unique film festival experience on the majestic Apalachicola River beneath October’s full moon, as we celebrate the art and love of filmmaking while enjoying the outdoors! This event features independent short films from around the world, local films, documentaries and student films. There is something for everyone to enjoy with film genres ranging from environmental documentaries to comedies, dramas, animation and music videos. This year’s special guest is Kevin McCarey, an Emmy Award winning filmmaker, published author and aspiring playwright, and currently a Professor of Film at Savannah College of Art & Design. Local cuisine, fine wines, and beverages will be offered upon entering the festival through an inviting yet elegant tent, then settling down on the lawn of Riverfront Park with your chairs & blankets to watch the show on a 40 foot screen nestled at the southern end of the park. The three hour event starts at 7:30pm, so come a little early to enjoy the food, scenery and to grab a good seat!

Apalachicola Riverfront Film Festival • Historic Apalachicola Florida • October 10, 2015


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This independent, short film, film festival focused on entertaining the audience through thought provoking films portraying today’s culture, art, our environment, local and global issues.

2014 Mountain Film / Duration: 17 mins
Directed by: Pete McBride
Many people have taken river trips down the Colorado River, but few know the final miles of the river like Pete McBride. In the spring of 2014, U.S. authorities released a "pulse" of water that temporarily brought the river back into Mexico and of course, the inveterate McBride followed the water to its end, this time on a standup paddleboard. On this strenuous SUP expedition, he finds ecosystems returning to life and people partying along the shore because, as McBride puts it, “It’s been a long time since the river kissed the sea.”

2011 Mountain Film / Duration: 7 mins
Directed by: Paul Donatelli, Paul Meyers
There is a small, but growing, population of people who are rejecting the axiom that “bigger is better” and are downsizing. Their tiny abodes, no larger than 200 square feet, are not caging them, but liberating them from a culture of consumption. “Ultimately you can only occupy 12 square feet of space at a time. Everything else is just a place to keep your stuff.”

2015 Mountain Film / Duration: 10 mins
Directed by: Zach Voss
“My name is Gregory Allen, and I make tricycles.” Allen, the creative mind behind a small fleet of pedal buggies, is at once a man who drastically undersells himself and also someone who is under-appreciated by an American society more enamored with large personal vehicles than the effectiveness and efficiency of a human-powered pedal buggy. Undeterred, Allen constructs quaint and quirky carts that can squeeze onto sidewalks and carry the whole family, bucking trends of popular culture and following the beat of his own drum. The result, as depicted in the short film View from a Pedal Buggy, is an intimately crafted community of people who appreciate the small details that make life beautiful.

2011 Mountain Film / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by: Gaby Bastyra
“Once upon a time, a genius of science, a chemist called Leo, stumbled on a substance, a curious gloopy mess, that molded into any shape the genius cared to test.” While his marvelous gloop seemed to have unlimited uses, it also had a darker side that no one could foresee.

2012 Mountain Film / Duration: 4 mins
Directed by: Matt Morris
Tintype was one of the first “instant” forms of photography that allowed images to be developed quickly and inexpensively. The process was popular at fairs around the time of the Civil War, so it preceded the modern-day Instagram by over 150 years. Harry Taylor, who learned tintype as a way to keep his mind distracted during a family tragedy, says, “The perfection that you get with digital is so easy, you can’t help but take it for granted.” So he decided to go old school.

2015 Georgia/ Duration 5 min
Directed by: Michael Hanson
A short film about the emotional connection of three people to the Flint River, one of the most biologically diverse, yet threatened, rivers in America.

2014 SCAD/Duration: 7 min
Directed by: Caroline Nead
This seven minute environmental documentary shines a light on the history of Nutria in Louisiana, how they are impacting the environment, and what some folks have done to eradicate the problem.

2015 SCAD/ Duration: 12 min
Directed by: Darlien Morales
The island of Culebra, located off the coast of Puerto Rico, is one of the richest ecosystems in the Caribbean. Abundant mangroves, coral reefs and world renowned beaches, like Flamenco Beach, attract tourists from all over. Today, active munitions pose a threat to people, wildlife, and the environment. Activists, fishermen, professors, and military personnel aim to prevent further irreparable damage to Culebra’s coral reefs.

2015 FSU/ Duration: 14 mins
Directed by: Noah Camenker
In a small town, a local spring is rumored to have magical healing powers. After discovering that his grandfather is terminally ill, Mason decides to venture to the springs to get the water to save him. He must overcome his own fears and doubts in order to learn that miracles don’t always work the way you expect.

2015 FSU/ Duration: 9 mins
Directed by: Mana Handel
After her parents move to Japan without her, a twenty-something finds comfort in cooking Japanese food in an attempt to realize her identity.

2015 Florida/ Duration: 10 mins
Directed by: Elam Stoltzfus
Water, sand, and life: the three elements that make up dune lakes, water bodies found around the world. Journey with Emmy award-winning filmmaker Elam Stoltzfus on an odyssey spanning from the US to Australia as he reveals why coastal dune lakes of northwest Florida are unique and what can be done to protect them.

2014 Florida/ Duration 8 min
Produced by: Nic Stoltzfus, Elam Stoltzfus, and Joey Dickinson
Below the Surface, Quapaw Canoe Company, Riney Ranch and Live Oak Production Group teamed up together for a 8 day expedition on the Apalachicola River, Florida. 107 miles in kayaks, paddle board and custom canoe.

2014 Florida/ Duration 7 min
Directed by: Marc Bowerman
(Our mission is) To provide traumatically injured U.S. servicemen and women from Iraq and Afghanistan with a high quality restorative program, utilizing the therapeutic experience of fishing on the Gulf of Mexico, and adjacent in-land waters.




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